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Everything You Need to Know About Signet Rings

signet rings

If you are of a certain age, you may already know all about signet rings and their historical significance. However, since signet rings have been making a comeback in recent times, we thought it was time to reintroduce, and educate the younger ones among us, all about the mighty signet ring. So, let us take […]

Types of Popular Earrings in Melbourne

earrings in melbourne

Earrings are a staple in just about everyone’s jewellery collection. They have been around forever and remain a huge part of fashion no matter the current trend. For some, having your ears pierced is a rite of passage, an expression of individuality. You might wear earrings to highlight your facial features, and draw the eye […]

What to Look for in a Great Tennis Bracelet

tennis bracelets

When you want to add some sparkle to your jewellery collection, it’s hard to look past a tennis bracelet. Identifiable for its characteristic loop of diamonds, or gemstones, connected by a thin, precious metal chain, you may also know the tennis bracelet as a ‘line diamond bracelet’. The name ‘tennis bracelet’ was actually coined in […]