4 Popular Types of Sterling Silver Bracelets in Australia

sterling silver bracelets australia

Bracelets have been worn for centuries in one form or another, and they take many different formations. There’s leather, stringy bracelets, rubber affirmation styles, and of course gold and pearl. However, undoubtedly the most popular in Australia is sterling silver bracelets.

You can add a touch of elegance to any outfit with a beautiful sterling silver necklace, because there are so many styles. So, if you’re looking for something new for your wrist, check out the 4 most popular styles you can find today.

Chain link style bracelets

Chain style bracelets always give off a look of classic sophistication, but they’re also full of creativity. Because while the links themselves are beautiful, you can take it one step further. Many chain link bracelets come with a padlock to signify the love of your significant other, but you can also add charms. The links give you an opportunity to add whatever charms you like, so you can craft your own look.


Bangles come in so many different shapes and styles. From the bold sophistication of a solid sterling silver golf bangle, to those with ribbon hooks and other additions, the choice is yours. Bangles can be plain and sleek or also bold and decorative. You can even find square designs and also coiled styles.

Some have latches or hooks, and others are open, so whatever your preference, you can find something perfect.

Gemstone sterling silver bracelets in Australia

Some of the more luxurious sterling silver bracelets on the market are those adorned with gemstones. Many people look for bangles that include their birth stone, or some other favourite stone. However, for a truly glamorous look that will turn people green with envy, you simply can’t go past diamond studded bracelets. Great for weddings or special occasions, a diamond bracelet is something you can treasure forever.

Cuffs or wide bangles

There isn’t too much difference between cuffs and bangles, however cuffs are generally wider. Rather than dangling loosely like a traditional bangle, it sits closer against your skin and won’t slide around as much. They’re the perfect option for those who love to wear jewellery on their wrist, but don’t like the feeling of something moving around on their arm.

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