4 Types of Jewellery Stores in Melbourne

jewellery stores in melbourne

When it’s time to go shopping for jewellery, you may actually have more options than you think. Likewise, the type of store you visit will depend on your jewellery needs at the time. For example, if you’re looking for a funky bracelet as a gift for a friend, you’ll choose one type of store. But your needs will be very different if you’re looking for designer jewellery.

You can find all different types of jewellery stores in Melbourne, and each have their own specific niche. So, rather than shopping around endlessly and getting frustrated, use this guide. Here are 4 different types of jewellery stores you might find in beautiful Melbourne.

Chain stores

Most people have visited a chain jewellery store before. These are the stores you’ll find throughout the city, often in shopping centres. Larger chain stores often have a large amount of stock, because they buy in bulk and usually offer sales all year round. For cheaper jewellery items, say for gifts, chain stores often represent good value.

However, with mass-produced and designed jewellery comes a lack of customisation options. You may find some of the stock is a bit generic, and doesn’t necessarily have that ‘wow’ factor.

Artisan Jewellery stores in Melbourne

Artisan jewellery stores are almost always independent, and often owned by a single person. Thee are the stores you would visit if you want something a little unique, or even quirky. There’s a high level of personalisation, and artisan jewellers generally won’t make the same item twice. So, you can usually be assured to get something that one-of-a-kind.

Being smaller operations, they may not have as much stock to browse as your chain stores, but you’ll certainly get beautiful jewellery.

Online retailers

While not technically a jewellery store in Melbourne, online retailers are popular among Victorians. The only difficulty with online retailers is you don’t get to meet the jewellers or get a close-up look at items. If you’re shopping for bracelets, earrings or other jewellery that doesn’t specifically need to be sized, you should be ok. For more important items like wedding and engagement rings, it’s a little difficult to get an accurately sized piece without visiting a store in person.

Designer jewellery stores in Melbourne

If you want to be the envy of all your friends and family, designer jewellery stores in Melbourne are the place to go. These stores should always have a master jeweller on site, and also an opportunity have custom jewellery created. The price tags can be a little higher, but you know you’re getting something of high-quality and high fashion.

Trust your jewellery needs to the very best

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