5 Great Jewellery Gift Ideas

jewellery gift ideas

Jewellery is often considered a luxury, and it’s not always something that people buy for themselves. So, when it’s time to give gifts, jewellery is a beautiful way to show someone how much you care.

Photo frames

Ok, we know that photo frames aren’t what comes to mind when you think about jewellery. However, when crafted and designed beautifully, with sterling silver plating and timber finishes, we still love them as a gift idea. A stunning, high-quality photo frame is a perfect gift idea for weddings and all other milestones. You can even include your own special photo!

Cufflinks as jewellery gift ideas

Cufflinks make great jewellery gift ideas because they’re so personal and customisable. Here at Catanach’s Jewellers we have a few delightful cufflink designs for you to view. However, cufflinks are even better when they’re customised to suit the recipient. You can speak to a master jeweller and discuss ideas for highly personalised cufflinks that would make the perfect gift for a loved one.


Silverware always makes a great gift, and there are a few pieces in our range that have a specific purpose. For example, a silver plated, fine handle Christening cup. The fact is, you can do so much with silver, and that’s why it’s been a popular material for gifts for as long as we can remember. If you’ve got a special occasion to celebrate, you can always do it with silver.

Jewellery gift ideas for milestones

Some of the most important milestones in life aren’t the common ones we think of. Of course, jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings make terrific gifts for birthdays, and certainly for anniversaries. However, there are plenty of other milestones in life that should be celebrated with gifts.

Graduations are the perfect opportunity to show someone how proud you are, and jewellery is a great way to congratulate them. If someone close to you scores a great new job, why not celebrate with some jewellery? You can also give someone a beautiful necklace, bracelet or set of earrings if they’re leaving your workplace after many years.

Everybody loves diamonds

Struggling to find the perfect gift for a loved one? We understand. Even if you narrow your choice down to jewellery, there is still so much to choose from! Well, you can never go wrong with diamonds. Whether it’s a diamond ring, subtle diamond earrings or a beautiful, sparkling diamond bracelet, you can make any gift a winner!

Want the best jewellery gift ideas in Melbourne?

Here at Catanach’s Jewellery we specialise in jewellery gift ideas. From cufflinks to plated and sterling silverware, we’ve got a great collection. For the discerning gift-giver, our pieces are carefully designed and created to delight the person who has everything. So, for birthdays, anniversaries, achievements or just to show someone you care, choose Catanach’s. We even have a master jeweller on-site, so if you want to discuss custom jewellery gift ideas, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today or visit our store to check out our amazing range!