All You Need to Know About Silver Jewellery

silver jewellery

What makes silver jewellery so special? Why is silver jewellery linked to luxury throughout history?

Silver jewellery is timeless. You can incorporate silver into countless jewellery designs and it will maintain its beauty and durability no matter the use. From a classic statement piece to an everyday accessory, silver jewellery is so versatile you can be sure to find a piece that reflects your personal style.

There is a myriad of reasons why silver is one of the most sought-after metals and a beautiful choice for jewellery. Here we will discuss silver jewellery, its origins and why you should add a piece, or many pieces, to your collection today.

Precious metal

One of the noble metals, resistant to chemicals and high temperatures, silver is a rare element that won’t rust or permanently discolour. Occurring naturally in the world, the use of silver dates back to prehistoric times and is considered a metal of antiquity.

History shows that throughout the ages, many people considered silver to have mythical properties. Having ties in alchemy and linked to the moon in astrology, silver has been used in both medicine and currency. However, more commonly you would know it for its use in art and jewellery.

You might consider gold to be a status metal, however silver has a strong association with wellbeing and healing. So, adorn yourself with a rare piece of history and heal your body and soul with silver jewellery.

Durable sterling silver

Pure silver is a stunning metal. However, due to its softness and brittleness it’s not ideal for jewellery. As a result, quality silver jewellery comprises of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper) to create “sterling silver”. Something you should look for to make sure your silver jewellery is true sterling silver, is the marking 925 which indicates its authentic.

Sterling silver offers great durability. Consequently, it’s much easier for a jeweller to work with to create long-lasting, quality pieces of jewellery. Additionally, sterling silver jewellery has hypoallergenic properties and will not irritate your skin, unlike some other metals. So, if you are considering a new piercing, make sure to purchase sterling silver to avoid infection.

Silver is the new gold

When searching for a new addition to your jewellery collection, you will find silver in just about any piece imaginable. From bracelets and bangles, to earrings and rings, silver is a very popular medium used to create beautiful jewellery.

Versatile, malleable, and long-lasting, a plethora of elaborate designs can be created from silver. You will find gemstones commonly set in silver to create fashionable, on-trend accessories. Conversely, silver requires no adornment to sparkle and shine on its own.

Silver jewellery has a beautiful lustre and can be polished to a mirror shine or finished with a satin look. You can be confident that your piece will complement any outfit and add a touch of glamour to your look.

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