Choosing Diamond Jewellers for Weddings

diamond jewellers

When you’re planning your nuptials, there’s no doubt wedding rings are in the front of your mind. There’s so much to think about when planning a wedding, but you absolutely want to get the wedding ring right. Although the day itself is special, the ring is an ongoing daily reminder of your love. So, what should you think about when choosing diamond jewellers for weddings?

Make quality your priority
Firstly, when choosing diamonds, there are four key things you need to focus on. All of them revolve around getting the best quality diamonds, and they’re known as the 4 C’s.

Colour: The colour of a diamond actually refers to the lack of colour. The less colour a diamond has, the clearer it is and the more it will reflect light.  Diamond colour is rated from D-Z, and the less colour, the more valuable your diamond is.

Cut: The cut of a diamond doesn’t actually refer to the shape. Diamonds can come in al shapes and sizes, but the cut is a different thing altogether. The cut actually refers to how well the stone performs in light. Always check in different lighting conditions to see how well your diamond sparkles.

Clarity: The clarity of your diamond is all about what’s happening inside. Rather than looking for blemishes on the surface, you’re looking for internal flaws. These flaws are known as inclusions. So, the less inclusions, the better your diamond’s clarity.

Carat: The carat of a diamond is all about weight. While most larger diamonds will have a high carat weight, it’s not actually all about size. Some smaller diamonds can weigh more than larger ones, so they have more carats. While often confused as a measure of overall quality, the carat weight is simply one factor to consider.

Looking for something simple?

Once you’ve decided on the actual diamonds, make sure your diamond jeweller can provide a range of different options. You might a simpler wedding band, and that’s ok. But you can always add a subtle bit of sparkle with some smaller diamonds if your jeweller knows what they’re doing.

Want something a little more fancy?

For something a little more extravagant, your jeweller should be able to present you with plenty of beautiful designs that match your requirements. When looking for something a bit different, consider different ways to set your diamond, different types of metal for the band, and some fancy designs that really catch the eye.

Matching wedding rings

The other option your diamond jeweller should always offer is matching wedding rings. Diamond jewellers should be experts in creating a matching pair, even if you want slight variations. For example, you might want one with a more prominent stone, and one with a more basic stone setting. The rings can still be matching without being identical.

Need the best diamond jewellers in Melbourne?

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