Complete Range of Designer Jewellery in Melbourne

designer jewellery in melbourne

When you attend functions and events, do people often comment on your incredible style? If so, it’s likely that jewellery is part of your overall look. When you want to the best designer jewellery in Melbourne, we’ve got a complete range for you to choose from. We never compromise on quality, and our master jewellers are always creating. Here’s a snapshot of our full range of designer jewellery.


Whether you want stunning engagement rings or beautiful luxury wedding rings, we’ve got a huge selection. But as we know, you don’t always need a special occasion to wear the finest jewellery. If you just love wearing finely crafted and uniquely designed jewellery, you can find it here.

We specialise in diamond rings, but our master jewellers love working with other stones too, so you’ll get a great range of choices.

Necklaces – designer jewellery in Melbourne

One of the perfect ways to show of an amazing outfit is with a designer necklace. Whether you want something understated or a shining necklace to turn heads, we’ve got something for you. The beauty of necklaces is the variety of shapes, colours, materials and designs on offer. For the perfect accompaniment to your beautiful evening gown, check out our range today.


Subtle and classic, or luxurious for all to see? Maybe something in between! We use the highest quality materials for our bracelets, and offer a beautiful selection of simple designs through to the bolder and more daring. Bracelets make great gifts, especially to commemorate special life events, so we can customise them for you on site.


Some people search their whole life for that perfect pair of earrings. Earrings are usually very versatile so you can wear them while socialising with friends or out on the town at night. But for truly inspired designer jewellery, you want earrings that are made especially for special occasions. Gold, silver, diamond and pearl, we’ve got so many earrings here at Catanach’s. and their beauty is unsurpassed.


Brooches are sometimes the final missing piece of an outfit. That little something extra to make you feel your dazzling best. We design and craft a range of special brooches including diamonds and other stones. We also love recreating vintage brooches, because they can be passed down through generations.

Bespoke designer jewellery in Melbourne

While we pride ourselves on creating the most beautiful designer jewellery in Melbourne, we also understand that people have very particular tastes. So, what do you do if you can’t find the perfect piece of jewellery on display in the store?

All you need to do is ask, and we can book a bespoke jewellery consultation with one of our master jewellers. That way, we can make the piece that’s absolutely perfect for you.

All types of designer jewellery in Melbourne

If you’re a fashion-forward type of person and always want to impress, we’d love to hear from you. Here at Catanach’s Jewellers we pride ourselves on beautiful design and high-end materials. For luxury, designer jewellery in Melbourne contact us at Catanach’s Jewellers today.