Different Types of Diamond Rings

diamond engagement rings

When it comes to diamond rings, there are different types that you’ll commonly find. The most popular types of diamond rings are solitaire, pave and rings with side stones. Of course, these are just the most popular types. Diamond rings can come in all shapes and sizes, especially when you consider custom jewellery.

Most mast jewellers are only limited by their imagination, or requests from their client. Diamond jewellery is so popular, especially for engagement rings, which means many people choose to have a ring custom-designed to suit their loved one’s personal preference.

Let’s take a look at the most common ring types.

Solitaire rings

Solitaire rings, as the name suggests, feature one solitary diamond. This is perhaps the most common type, because they’re a lot easier to produce than more complex designs. A solitaire diamond ring features on stone in the setting, and it’s most commonly held in with prongs. Some variations use the bezel setting, where the stone is completely surrounded by a small band (the bezel). Other options are using the tension setting, which holds the ring between the two ends of the band.

Pave diamond rings

Pave rings offer a bit more variety, and are characterized by a series of smaller diamonds. They’re attached directly to the band with tiny prongs that are barely even noticeable. This creates a paved look, just as the name suggests.

Variations of the pave diamond setting may include having one larger stone in the middle, however many people favour the basic pave setting because it is sleek, modern, and there is less risk of the stone catching on clothing.

Rings with side stones

Rings with side stones are also pretty self-explanatory, but certainly very popular. Most commonly, you’ll find a larger stone in the middle, with smaller stones arranged to each side. However, on popular variation is the three-pronged diamond ring, which features diamonds of equal size all held by separate prongs.

With this particular style of ring, you can customise and tweak the design according to your preference. Smaller diamonds, larger diamonds – the choice is totally yours. Much like solitaire rings, the setting can also vary from ring to ring, however the pronged style is definitely most popular.

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