Different Types of Jewellery Repairs

jewellery repairs

Do you have jewellery that needs a bit of TLC? Maybe you’ve got pieces you love, but minor imperfections prevent you from enjoying them. Broken clasps, old pieces in need of cleaning – there are so many reasons you may need jewellery repairs in Melbourne. In fact, many people don’t even know what can be done with their damaged jewellery. So, here’s just a few of the jewellery repairs that are available.

Repair and renovation

General jewellery repairs and renovation are available for almost all types of jewellery. From earrings to bracelets and rings to necklaces, nothing is immune to breakage. If you’ve got a favourite bracelet with a broken clasp, for example, it can be fixed easily. Sometimes the claws on even the most expensive rings can be damaged, but they can always be fixed by a professional jeweller. In addition, if you’ve got old jewellery that just needs general work done to restore it to its former glory, nothing is impossible.

Silver cleaning and restoration

Silver is a beautiful material for jewellery, however it can be tarnished and damaged quite easily. Over time, all silver needs to be cleaned if you want it to sparkle like the day you bought it. Luckily, most jewellers in Melbourne offer silver cleaning and restoration services. This usually includes replating and gilding too, if the piece needs a little more than just general cleaning and polishing.


It can be devastating to break a necklace you love. However, it’s even worse if it’s a pearl, gem or bead necklace. If the method for holding those beautiful pearls or gems in place becomes damaged, that piece is basically out of commission. Fortunately, you can have pearl, gem and bead necklaces rethreaded so you can enjoy them for many years to come!

Remodelling outdated items

Do you have pieces of jewellery that you love – or at least used to love, that could do with a modern makeover? It’s not uncommon for people to inherit jewellery they wouldn’t wear, or just fall out of love with something they bought a long time ago. However, while they may not love the piece of jewellery itself, they understand the components of that piece are still valuable. The stones and metals can still represent great value, which is why they might like a piece remodelled.

An expert jeweller can take your old items and redesign them more to your current tastes. Whether it’s a different type of setting or a whole new design, remodelling outdated jewellery is quite a popular practice.

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