How to Avoid a Cheap Melbourne Jeweller

cheap melbourne jewellers

Here at Catanach’s Jewellers, we understand that jewellery is a very personal thing. You want items that reflect your personality through luxurious style. Whether it’s custom engagement rings or finely crafted bracelets, jewellery should be special. For most people, budget is also a concern, however it’s important to understand the difference between cheap Melbourne jewellers and value for money.

You might find something with a low price tag, but it could fall apart in weeks, or end up looking old and tacky thanks to poor materials. Then, you’re right back where you started. It’s better to look for real value, because even if a piece costs more upfront, you get true value if it lasts forever. Here’s how to tell if you’re dealing with a cheap Melbourne jeweller.

Does everything look the same?

When you walk into the store, does everything look the same? Maybe all the pieces have brand name tags on them. Often, displays also have mass quantities of a certain product stacked in there. These types of jewellers are great if you’re on a budget, but they often sell pretty low-quality items made from cheap materials.

Check the prices

Obviously, pricing is a good indicator of the type of store. If everything has a high price tag, you can assume you’re dealing with a luxury or designer jeweller. Now, just because something is expensive, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s good. You still need to make sure the best materials have been used. Plus, the pieces need to speak to your own style. However, if the price is a bit higher, it’s a good indication you’ve found a quality jeweller.

A cheap Melbourne jeweller is often just a retailer

Often, jewellers are confused with jewellery retail outlets. We’ve all been to a jewellery retailer before. Shelves packed with mass-marketed items that all look the same. Low prices, huge discounts every day of the week. These retailers simply sell products manufactured elsewhere. They likely don’t have a jeweller on site, so if you need expert advice or custom work, you’re unlikely to get it.

So, always consider whether you’re walking into an actual jeweller’s store, or simply a jewellery retailer.

Quality of stones and materials

The other giveaway between cheap Melbourne jewellers and more luxury establishments is the quality of work. Now, to the untrained eye, a lot of jewellery can look beautiful even if it doesn’t have the best materials or stones. So, always ask for details of the products. For example, diamonds have a rating based on their quality, so always check this before making a purchase.

Want an alternative to cheap Melbourne jewellers?

Catanach’s Jewellers has built a reputation for excellence over many decades in the industry. We deliver high-end, luxury jewellery items for special occasions. Even if you just want to spoil yourself, Catanach’s is sure to have something that delights you. We employ experienced jewellers on-site, so you can always ask us about custom jewellery services if you want something more personal. For the very best in high-quality jewellery, contact the friendly team at Catanach’s today.