How to Check the Quality of Diamond Jewellery in Melbourne

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Diamonds are synonymous with luxury. If you’re going to spend money on diamond jewellery, you want to know that you’re getting genuinely high quality. But how can you really tell if a diamond is great, or not so great. To the naked eye, most diamonds look pretty great when displayed on the shelf. However, there’s a few important things you should know about diamond quality.

The colour of the diamond

It might sound strange talking about the colour of the diamond, because they are more of a ‘clear’ stone. However, diamonds are actually rated between D-Z for their colour. What this actually refers to though, is the stone’s lack of colour. The very best diamonds, of course, are quite colourless. This allows them to reflect light better.

Basically, if you have a diamond with very little colour, it’s more valuable than one with more colour. So, when shopping for diamond jewellery, always check the colour rating. This ensures you’re getting high-quality products.

Understanding the cut of diamonds jewellery in Melbourne

The cut of a diamond is where you can really test the skills of the jeweller. When we talk about cut, it’s all about how the diamond has been cut into its current shape. Many people think the cut of a diamond is the actual shape, but that’s not the case.

A well-cut diamond performs well in light, and it’s important to test it out in different light sources. In the jewellery store, you’ll be able to see how it reflects light in optimum conditions, but it’s a good idea to see how it performs in natural light too.

Does your diamond jewellery have good clarity?

Clarity of a diamond refers to the number of embellishments or flaws on the surface. In some ways, this is similar to the cut, because poor cutting of a diamond may result in surface flaws. However not all sides of a diamond are cut, so the clarity refers to the surface condition on the whole.

These flaws are often known as inclusions, and they can also be found inside the diamond. Ultimately, the affect how well the diamond will sparkle, and makes it less valuable.

If size is important, check the carat weight

Finally, always check the carat weight of your diamond jewellery in Melbourne. The term ‘carats’ doesn’t refer to overall quality or even size. It’s all about the weight of the stone. Generally, a larger stone will have a higher carat weight, but that’s not always the case.

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