How to Choose a Great Custom Necklace in Melbourne

custom necklace melbourne

Sometimes in life, you want something truly unique, because you deserve to stand out. When it comes to jewellery, getting a custom necklace in Melbourne means shopping around, but it can be tricky. While many jewellery stores promise custom jewellery, how do you know they can do what they say?

True master jewellers are able to work with the finest precious stones and also create unique designs. They can work with you to make that special necklace only you will own. So, here’s a few tips on finding the best custom necklaces Melbourne has to offer.

Look for real jewellers

There’s a difference between a jewellery store, and a real jeweller. Many jewellery stores sell products they source from elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean they even employ an actual jeweller on premises. Jewellers are experts in the craft of working with precious stones and also handcrafting beautiful jewellery.

So, if you want true custom jewellery made from your ideas, make sure you’re dealing with genuine professionals. You want to be able to speak to the jeweller making your necklace, rather than just handing over ideas to be outsourced.

Research and plan what you want

When you want something truly unique, it’s important to take your time. Often, you might want an heirloom recreated, or maybe just remodelling an existing piece. Likewise, you may want something created from your very own ideas. Whichever way you go, take some time to research your custom necklace in Melbourne.

You can find a lot of information online about the perfect stones to use and also the different types of materials. A professional jeweller will be able to give you advice too, but it helps to have a clear idea of what you want.

Find a custom necklace designer in Melbourne who truly consults

Needless to say, a custom piece of jewellery should be a collaborative effort. You may have the creative ideas, and the jeweller is the one who bring it to life. However, they’re the experts in the field so a consultation is essential. They may offer alternatives, or explain why your ideas may need to be altered slightly. It also makes you feel much more a part of the process when you can speak with the creator of your necklace.

Ask to see their other custom jewellery

As with anything, before giving your business to any custom jeweller, check their previous work. You want to see that they’ve achieved great things before because your work is special. Don’t trust it to people who can’t show you a good history of their bespoke jewellery items.

At Catanach’s Jewellers, we’re genuine master jewellers. We make our products rather than importing them. That means we know the intricate workings of every stone, and we can also design something perfect for you. If you want a unique custom necklace in Melbourne, please contact us today and see how we can help!