How to Choose Diamond Engagement Rings

diamond engagement rings

When considering popping the big question, one of your most important tasks is to find a beautiful engagement ring. And there’s nothing more beautiful than stunning diamonds. To really make your marriage proposal something to remember, present your loved one with a diamond ring that features the most incredible stones, and a design like no other.

It sounds great in theory, but how exactly do you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring? Well, let’s find out!

Remember the 4 C’s of diamond engagement rings

The easy way to remember all the things to look for in diamond jewellery is the 4 C’s. Cut, colour, clarity and carat. These 4 things determine how good your diamond is, so start taking notes!


When analysing the cut of a diamond, pay attention to the angles, symmetrical characteristics, proportions, brilliance and finishing. This is arguably the most important of all the 4 C’s, because even high carat diamonds can be sub-par if they have a poor cut.


Don’t go looking for lots of colour in a diamond. It’s actually quite the opposite. Colour refers to the lack of colouring, and all diamonds are given a colour rating of D-Z. Diamonds with the lowest colour are rated ‘D’, and these are the most beautiful and expensive. Combine a colourless diamond with a  beautiful cut, and you’re on a winner!


Diamonds are a reflective stone, so much of their beauty depends on their ability for light to pass through them. If the diamond has a lot of blemishes or inclusions on the surface, light won’t pass freely and it will sparkle less.

Carat weight

Assessing carat weight can be a little deceiving. Some people mistakenly think that carat refers to a diamond’s size. While a large diamond is great, it’s the weight that gives the stone its true value.

Choose a style that suits your partner

Once you’ve found a great quality diamond, you need to think about the style. Is your partner a bit flashy? Would they love showing off an extravagant design to all their friends? Or are they more likely to appreciate something a little more understated. You can still find absolutely beautiful diamond engagement rings with a simple design. It’s all down to personal taste, so keep a close on your partner’s jewellery collection to find out what they love most.

Consider custom jewellery design

If you simply can’t find the perfect ring on the shelf, consider custom jewellery design. This way, you can work closely with a master jeweller to come up with something truly unique. There’s nothing more special than something that comes from the heart.

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