How To Choose Jewellery for a Wedding

jewellery for wedding

When most people think about jewellery for a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is the wedding ring. Obviously, this is a crucial part of the day, but what about the rest of the ensemble? Most people want to look their absolute best for their big day, which is why other jewellery is also important.

Finding high-quality, beautiful jewellery such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces isn’t easy. There’s a lot to consider, such as how it will go with the rest of your outfit and whether it draws attention away from other pieces. SO, here’s a few things to consider when choosing jewellery for your wedding.

Quality is everything
It goes without saying that quality is important. When you’re shopping for jewellery, you don’t want something cheap and nasty taking away from your dress. Accompanying jewellery should be just as beautiful as every other part of the day, which you’ve no doubt planned meticulously!

Also, for many people, a wedding is one of the only times they’ll splurge on items such as jewellery, so it’s worth making it count!

Jewellery for a wedding should suit your personality

Above all else, you need to be comfortable with your jewellery choice. Even though most people dress more elegantly on their wedding day, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. If you’re not accustomed to wearing large pieces of jewellery, you shouldn’t have to just because it’s a wedding. When it comes to accompanying jewellery for a wedding, you can find plenty of subtle yet still beautiful pieces that suit your personality.

Does your jewellery match your outfit?

Another major consideration is how to fit your jewellery in with your dress. There are a few generally accepted rules in terms of what types of metals go best. If you’re wearing a traditional white dress, the best option is silver. Anything too bright, such as coloured stones or even gold jewellery tends to draw focus from the dress.

Wedding jewellery should be tasteful, beautiful and not so eye-catching that it takes over your whole look.

Custom jewellery for a wedding

Finally, if you want the perfect pieces of jewellery for your big day, you can’t beat custom jewellery. Find a jeweller you trust, and take your ideas to them. That way, you can ensure all of your jewellery matches and works well with your outfit.

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