How to Find the Best Necklaces in Melbourne

best necklaces in melbourne

Necklaces are an enormously popular piece of jewellery. For some it’s a fashion statement. For others, they even keep their wedding ring on a necklace rather than wearing it. But one of the main reasons that necklaces are so popular is because they’re great for gifts. If you trying to show someone how much you care, it’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful necklace.

However, it’s true that all necklaces aren’t created equal. You can find all types of them, from the cheap and disposable to the luxurious and wonderful. If you want to impress someone with the perfect gift, here’s how to find the best necklaces in Melbourne.

Look for quality materials

Needless to say, there are big differences between a necklace made from cheap materials and one made with the very best. A popular metal used for the chain of a necklace is sterling silver, however it’s important to be wary of cheap imitations. Remember the neck is an area that’s prone to sweat. When a necklace is up against potentially oily skin all day, the chain is likely to be affected. Even the very best materials require cleaning sometimes, but higher quality silver certainly lasts longer.

The same goes for any stones you want to use in the pendants, and even the pearls used in pearl necklaces.

Eye-catching designs

Necklaces are often worn very much as an attention piece. Particularly with evening dresses and other more lavish outfits, the necklace truly becomes a focal point. If you want your necklace to stand out and be noticed, you’ll need some beautiful, eye-catching designs. If you walk into a jewellery store and all the necklaces and pendants seem quite bland and unoriginal, it might be time to look elsewhere.

This is particularly true when it comes to diamond necklaces. If you’re wearing diamonds around your neck, you want the design to really catch people’s attention and shine. So, don’t go for boring styles when you could stand out instead.

Consider custom necklaces

Sometimes, finding a necklace off the shelf in a jewellery store simply isn’t enough. That’s why you should always look for stores that have a master jeweller onsite. Not only does this give you confidence that all the products in-store are of a high quality, but you also get the option of custom jewellery.

This is particularly important if you’re buying a necklace for someone as a gift. You want it to have a personal touch, and custom is the only way to go. Custom designs are always popular for engagement presents, and especially for wedding jewellery.

Want the best necklaces in Melbourne?

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