How to Find the Perfect Jewellery for Weddings

jewellery for weddings

If you’re planning your special day, there’s a lot to consider. Locations, guest lists, seating plans and also clothing. For most brides, getting the perfect jewellery for weddings is equally important as the perfect dress. It’s your one special day, and you only plan on doing it once. Even if it’s your second or third time, it doesn’t get any less special. So, working out how to get beautiful jewellery that matches your whole outfit is a key part of the big day.

Here’s a few tips on choosing the perfect jewellery for weddings.

Less is more

There’s often a temptation to go overboard with jewellery, but this should be avoided. Of course, while shopping for wedding jewellery you will certainly see countless items you’d love to wear. But in reality, wearing too much jewellery can draw attention away from you dress and overpower your whole look.

Obviously, the ring is a big part of the whole ceremony and day. Because this is worn on your hand, you should certainly avoid any other hand jewellery. This also extends to the wrists, because even a subtle bracelet will draw attention from your beautiful wedding ring.

Most brides will want a gorgeous pair of earrings, so it’s just a matter of choosing the style that suits your overall look. For example, if you have a sleek style of dress, large hoop earrings are going to be too overbearing.

In general, keep it simple, elegant and classy. Your hair, makeup, jewellery and of course the dress are all big parts of your wedding day look. Let them work together instead of fighting for attention.

Work with the neckline of your dress

 In some cases, the neckline of your dress will determine what type of necklace you should consider. Similarly, it may determine whether you wear neck jewellery at all. If your wedding dress has an ornate, detailed neckline for example, you will want something very simple. This is because the neckline can look too busy if you overdo it.

In comparison, if you’re going for a strapless or v-neck style dress, a choker or small pendant may be more appropriate. Remember, if you’re keeping your neck jewellery simple, you can certainly be a little more daring with your earrings.

Avoid colours in jewellery for weddings

Coloured jewellery shouldn’t be considered for weddings. Simple, single colour jewellery is the best way to go, especially if you’re wearing a more traditional white or ivory dress. Wearing different coloured jewellery takes focus away from the dress and generally looks messy.

The only time you might consider coloured jewellery is when you’re wearing a coloured dress. However, you do need to consider the fabric of the dress too. Pure white dresses should be paired with silver or platinum jewellery. Likewise, if you’re wearing ivory then you can choose gold jewellery.

Here at Catanach’s Jewellers, we’re the experts in finding the perfect jewellery for weddings. If your big day is coming up, please contact us today and see how we can help!