How to Wear Gold Necklaces

gold necklaces

Style icons worldwide have always had their finger on the pulse of what is hot in fashion. And right now, that beat is drumming two words into our eyes (and around our necks) – gold necklaces. Available in a wide array of different shapes, sizes, and colours, gold necklaces are a versatile, distinctive jewellery item that enables you to showcase your personality and punctuate any outfit with style and class. Personal preference will play a large part in which style you choose to don, however there are some popular trends you may want to consider:

Light & layered

Layering your gold necklaces is an impactful way to add a modern touch to your ensemble. Experiment with length, thickness, and style to find the most striking combination. Two or three different gold necklaces of varying size and type can be extremely effective at classing up a simple outfit. For a lighter look try a delicate choker paired with a collarbone grazing chain and a longer pendant. Or for something bolder combine a chunky chain with a chunky pendant. Also think about mixing and matching colours – yellow, white, and rose gold together can be a stunning accent.

Overall, by layering your gold necklaces you can achieve a different look every day with endless combinations at your fingertips.

Single simplicity

Sometimes simple is best. Slim gold necklaces worn alone create a subtle eye-catching highlight, perfect for any occasion. Timeless and sophisticated, light gold necklaces provide a sense of high fashion that fit seamlessly with everyday wear. That’s why they are a classic accessory, favoured by the elite and the fashion-conscious for generations – gold necklaces work effectively with any outfit. From business suits to ballgowns, you will ooze opulence and class by adorning your neck with a delicate gold chain.

So, when you want just a hint of luxury and glamour, single gold necklaces are the way to go.

Statement piece

The catwalks and our insta feeds have shown us that gold necklaces are the accessory of choice. For men and women alike. When you want to up the ante, a chunky chain or bold pendant are two looks that are taking the fashion world by storm right now. Both offer a versatile way to give your outfit an edge, make a striking statement, and show off your daring side. Heavy gold necklaces work in all situations, worn casually with a t-shirt in summer or layered over a roll-neck jumper in winter.

From a first date to lunch with the ladies, impress everyone around you with your style game. And if you really want to wow, try a medallion emblazoned with your name or designer logo. Whatever your choice, be unafraid and leave a lasting impression with daring gold necklaces.

High quality gold necklaces

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