Jewellery Stores in Melbourne are Re-Opening – Here’s How You Can Benefit

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It feels like it’s been a lifetime since Covid-19 restrictions first came into effect. But we’re glad to report that jewellery stores in Melbourne are now re-opening. Here at Catanach’s we’re certainly happy because we can get back to doing what we love. But for consumers, there’s also some great benefits. With restrictions being lifted, here’s what’s in it for jewellery customers.

Bargains galore

Who doesn’t love a bargain? We’re sure you’d agree that everybody loves coming across a special item at an unbelievable price. Well, jewellery stores in Melbourne have been through a rough period thank to Covid-19 restrictions, but now they’re back. Most importantly, expect jewellers to be back and seriously motivated to move some stock.

This is probably more prevalent in lower-end jewellery stores who rely on high product turnover. So, if you’re in the market for some cheap, everyday jewellery at even better prices, now is the time.

Shorter wait times for custom jewellery

While jewellery stores in Melbourne have been closed to the public, that doesn’t mean jewellers have been idle. The demand for custom jewellery is always high, and many jewellers often have a backlog and long waiting times. You can bet they’ve been using the Covid-19 downtime to catch up on custom work, meaning many will be re-opening with a clean slate.

If you’ve got plans for some bespoke jewellery items, now is the time to book your consultations. If you book a consultation today, you might just find you’re at the front of the queue.

Great new designs on the way

While this may not apply to lower-end jewellery stores in Melbourne, you can bet that professional jewellery designers have been hard at work. Master jewellers like Catanach’s are always designing and creating, so the recent downtime hasn’t been wasted.

While they may not be here instantly, master jewellers have had plenty of time to design and create, so expect some great new designs on shelves.

More online shopping options

Finally, the lockdown restrictions have forced many jewellery stores to re-think their business models. Those who had no online presence previously, may have now shifted to provide online sales. Even as the jewellery stores start to re-open, the online shopping platforms they’ve developed will likely remain.

So, for those of you who like to do your shopping from the comfort of your home, there’s probably more jewellery stores than ever with online stores. So, open those websites and start browsing. You’ll no doubt find some great re-opening specials too!

Want the best jewellery stores in Melbourne?

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