Looking for the Perfect Wedding Ring in Melbourne?

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Is it time to start shopping for your wedding ring in Melbourne? If so, you need to consider a few crucial factors to ensure you get the best possible match. Here’s what you should think about before buying.

Choosing the style

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a wedding ring in Melbourne is the overall style. The style can be different between you and your partner, of course. One may want a diamond wedding ring to proudly display every day of their life. Others may work with their hands or lead active lifestyles, in which case a wedding band is probably more suited.

Whichever style you choose, it should match your lifestyle as well as your design choices. A simple wedding band can become so much more when you work with a custom jeweller, so don’t be afraid to tone down the type of wedding ring you choose in order to meet your lifestyle.

What metal do you prefer?

There are naturally different metals you can choose for the band, and it all comes down to personal preference. Silver and gold are the two biggest ones, but think about other metals like white gold, rose gold, platinum and others. Each has its own unique qualities, so you should certainly do your research.

A handy hint though, if you do decide to go with gold, remember it’s a soft metal. Gold is typically softer than others, meaning it scratches and tarnishes more easily. That’s why it is mixed with other stronger metals to create metals like white gold and rose gold.

Will you include stones?

People often think about diamond wedding rings, but it really isn’t essential to have any stones at all. Many couples choose simple wedding bands with no stones because they want to wear the ring every day. Large stones don’t always make for great everyday jewellery.

However, there are also ways to incorporate smaller diamonds or other stones into a more simplistic wedding band design, giving you the best of both worlds.

Matching wedding bands

Another thing to think about is whether or not you want matching bands? Some couples like the idea of having almost identical bands. Another option is to have two wedding rings that follow a similar theme or design but look a bit different to suit each person’s needs. For example, one may be a wedding band with small diamonds while the other may include a larger stone but still look very similar.

These are the benefits of working with a professional jeweller on custom items. You get exactly what you want!

Looking for your perfect wedding ring in Melbourne?

The perfect wedding rings for you and your partner are right here at Catanach’s Jewellers. We’ve been designing and creating beautiful wedding rings for over 140 years. So, we really know what looks great. Since we offer a custom jewellery service, you can have plenty of input into your wedding ring design. Simply contact us today and book a consultation. We’d love to be part of your special day!