Popular Styles of Bracelets in Melbourne

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Bracelets are a popular type of jewellery all over the world. From the friendship bracelets we make as kids through to designer diamond bracelets, most people love them. Not only do we love wearing bracelets, but they also make great gifts.  People often give bracelets as presents to commemorate life events, such as graduations or anniversaries.

So, the question is, which type of bracelet do you prefer? There are several different styles you can choose from. Since everybody has different tastes, here some of the most popular types of bracelets in Melbourne.

Chain bracelets

Chain bracelets are perhaps the most common style of bracelet for people to wear in everyday life. Essentially, they’re made from a series of metal loops, creating a chain around your wrist. There’s a clasp at each end so they stay in place easily, and you can even add charms to them if you wish. You’ll find chain bracelets made out of all materials such as gold and silver.

Tennis bracelets

Tennis bracelets are one of the most classic and sophisticated choices. The designs are usually quite subtle, yet still beautiful. People wear them in all walks of life and they’re an extremely popular gift idea. Some of the most luxurious tennis bracelets are known as diamond line bracelets. As the name suggests, they feature a line of diamonds around your list.

Designer bracelets in Melbourne

Some of the most luxurious bracelets in Melbourne certainly have the ‘designer’ tag. Generally, if a piece of jewellery is considered ‘designer’, it usually comes with a higher cost. That’s with good reason, however, as the designs are luxurious, unique and beautiful. They may even be designed by a big name in the industry.

Charm bracelets

Charm bracelets have been popular for a number of years now, and they’re the choice of bracelet for many people. They’re also a very personalised option because of they way they can be customised. You can have two charms or ten, it’s totally up to you. You can keep adding to your charm bracelet with little charms that reflect your personality and tastes.

Slider bracelets

If you love wearing bracelets but you hate trying to awkwardly put them on, sliders are a great option. Rather than a tricky clasp, you simply slide the ‘slider’ along the chain until it fits just right. They look great, feel great and they’re easy to wear. You can even add some charms to put your own style on the piece.

Looking for the best bracelets in Melbourne?

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