Popular Types of Bracelets in Melbourne

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Bracelets are always a popular choice then it comes to jewellery. They make great gifts, can be highly personalised and they look great with most outfits. Bracelets are also great for adding a little extra flair to any look. You can really add a touch of your own style by including a bracelet in your overall look.

That being said, there are plenty of different types of bracelets in Melbourne, so we’re going to talk you through some of the most popular ones.

Diamond bracelets

Who doesn’t love diamonds? Diamond bracelets are a great way to add some extra sparkle to any look. If you’re the type who likes to stand out in a crowd, bracelets with diamonds are the talking point of any outfit. You can choose from plenty of designs, from subtle to extravagant. Diamond bracelets are always extremely popular as wedding jewellery.

Coloured stone bracelets

If you want something a little more unique to match your individual personality, why not choose coloured stones? Many people have a favourite stone, whether it be due to the colour or they simply love different stone types. The beauty of coloured stone bracelets in Melbourne is you can buy several, and match different ones to particular outfits.

Gold bracelets in Melbourne

Of course, gold is an ever-present material for any jewellery collection. Gold bracelets can be a stunning addition to any outfit, especially when paired with other gold jewellery. Naturally, you can choose from yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, depending on your own personal preference.

Silver bracelets

Silver bracelets are perhaps on of the most versatile of the whole bracelet family. It goes with almost anything, and that’s why you often see more extravagant, interesting designs made from silver. Silver bracelets are also extremely popular as gifts, because they’re so universal. You really can’t go wrong with silver! It’s also quite commonly chosen because it looks great with a personal message engraved underneath for a real personal touch.

Custom bracelets

Looking for something a bit more unique and specific? You can of course combine various aspects of different bracelet types by choosing custom jewellery. Many master jewellers offer a bespoke jewellery service. So, you don’t have to settle for something off the shelf that anybody could be wearing. You can go for something that’s truly unique and matches your personality perfectly.

Custom jewellery is also great when giving gifts, because you can bring design ideas to the table and get exactly what you want. For a gift that your loved one will cherish forever, make it personal.

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