Popular Types of Engagement Rings in Melbourne

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Time waits for no one, and neither does love. There are few things more exciting and wonderful than finding the person you want to share your life with. Couples everywhere celebrate their love with the promise of marriage. And as a symbol of love, joy and commitment, an engagement ring encapsulates this cherished moment and provides an ever-lasting reminder of the happiness of that time.

Your wedding proposal is an extremely personal experience; therefore, your engagement ring should reflect the event in a unique and meaningful way. That’s why many couples opt for a custom-made engagement ring to immortalise their feelings in the perfect piece.

Let us take you through some popular styles that may inspire you when you are looking for engagement rings in Melbourne.

Uniquely personal

There are many benefits to designing your own engagement ring. Above all else, it allows you to imbue personal meaning into your ring and capture your special moment forever. Certainly, your ring should be a reflection of your individual style, making it unique to you. When you decide to create your own design, your imagination can run wild and incorporate your own particular preference of metal and stones.

Popular trends that might provide inspiration include a classic set diamond or coloured stone such as sapphire or ruby. Placed in a setting of your choosing, you can make your engagement ring stand out from the crowd. And showcase your love wherever you go.

Working with a master jeweller you can design your dream engagement ring and treasure it for a lifetime.

Classic style

Solitaire and three-stone rings – two simple, elegant and sophisticated “classic” iterations of engagement ring. These styles remain a popular choice for engaged couples for a very good reason. In short, a traditional diamond cut with a modest design never goes out of style.

Classic cuts such as round, oval and cushion set, in a selection of precious metals including yellow or white gold, allow the diamond to stand out and create a beautiful silhouette. And this is a significant factor if you plan on wearing your ring at all times. Your ring needs to offer versatility in design so you can show it off no matter the occasion. Luckily, a classic design will complement any outfit, year after year, regardless of trends.

Traditional elements make for timeless rings. Simple is sometimes best!


Take inspiration from times gone by and consider a vintage-style engagement ring. Intricate detailing and elaborate settings make a striking statement. Halo clusters, oval-shaped, Asscher and Marquise cut diamonds showcase antique-inspired design. Therefore, they make a perfect choice if you want your engagement ring to have a little history.

Connecting your modern love story with vintage styling is a design choice dripping with sparkly old-time glamour.

Engagement rings in Melbourne

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