Replicating Antique Jewellery in Australia

antique jewellery australia

Do you have old antique jewellery that’s well past it’s best? Quite often, people are in possession of antique jewellery that’s been handed down through generations. The problem is, unless the jewellery is preserved perfectly, it’s likely to be in a less than beautiful state.

So, this is why you might consider trying to replicate those pieces with the help of a custom jeweller. Here’s a few things to consider with your old jewellery.

Does it just need cleaning?

You may look at a piece of antique jewellery in Australia and think it’s too far gone to simply be cleaned. However, that’s often not the case. Many types of antique jewellery can be cleaned, polished and taken care of to look much better. Naturally, depending on the age and condition of the piece, it’s not likely to be as good as new. But cleaning by a professional jeweller can certainly make a huge difference.

To replicate or repair?

Antique jewellery restoration is much more common than you might think, however it’s not always an easy process. That being said, if you have family heirlooms or potentially very valuable jewellery, the cost of restoration is likely to be less of a concern.

The question you need to ask is whether you want repair the existing piece, or even replicate it. Jewellery restoration is complex, and the process will vary depending on the individual piece. Often, it’s a case of cleaning and restoring the pieces that are still in good condition, while replacing parts that are beyond saving. So, while you do lose some authenticity, you preserve as much of the piece as possible.

Replication is a different process altogether. This involves looking at an old piece of jewellery and starting from scratch. Now, the main thing here is the piece won’t be authentic. While your master jeweller will go to great lengths to source similar materials and components, it will never actually be an antique piece of jewellery.

Why replicate antique jewellery in Australia?

Despite losing that authenticity, there’s plenty of reasons people want to replicate antique jewellery in Australia. For example, if you have a piece of antique jewellery that’s an heirloom, you’d be pretty hesitant to actually wear it. But what if you absolutely love the design? Replicating the piece gives you a version you can wear, while maintaining the condition of the antique.

In contrast, your antique jewellery’s design may have significance. Perhaps a family member designed it. If it’s more about the design than the actual materials, you may not mind the fact that it’s a replica.

Whatever your reasons for replicating jewellery, ensure you look for a qualified jeweller to assist.

Want to replicate antique jewellery in Australia?

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