September is for Sapphires

September is for Sapphires

September is for sapphires and at Catanach’s we have a range of pieces online and in store. We source them from all over to custom make timeless pieces.

Sapphires exist in blue, pink, green, yellow, purple, orange, colourless and black. They are formed from the mineral corundum.

There is also the rare Padparascha Sapphire. This beautiful stone exists in pinky orange hues. These are mostly found in Sri Lanka but also in Madagascar and Tanzania

Oval faceted Padparascha sapphire

Another sapphire of note is the star sapphire with its light reflection inside the gem showing as a white star.

Oval star sapphire
Beautiful deep blue star sapphire

Parti sapphires are 2 colours, predominantly blue/green

We love sapphires in their many hues but certainly our favourite is blue! Whether its a pale blue Ceylon hued or a deep dark Australian…