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Why is Luxury Jewellery a Great Investment?

luxury jewllery

When you buy luxury jewellery, it’s not just something that looks great in the here and now. It also represents a great investment for the future – whether for yourself, or for generations to come. Here are a few things to know about investing in luxury jewellery. Quality vs price Firstly, it’s important to remember […]

How to Find the Value of Your Vintage Rings

vintage jewellery

How many of us have been innocently sifting through our jewellery collections and chanced upon a few long-forgotten rings? It’s always a bit of a surprise. Hidden behind much newer, shinier pieces, their appeal may have diminished over time or languished with lack of wear. However, rather than disposing of these pieces, it’s always a […]

Replicating Antique Jewellery in Australia

antique jewellery australia

Do you have old antique jewellery that’s well past it’s best? Quite often, people are in possession of antique jewellery that’s been handed down through generations. The problem is, unless the jewellery is preserved perfectly, it’s likely to be in a less than beautiful state. So, this is why you might consider trying to replicate […]