Things to be Wary of with Cheap Jewellery Stores

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When it comes to your jewellery you want it to last. That’s why you need to ensure you are purchasing from quality, reputable jewellery stores. There are a number of retailers out there who purport to sell quality at a cheap price. But true quality requires an investment to ensure longevity and durability.

We understand that sometimes you want a quick addition of colour or sparkle for a particular occasion. And in some instances, a cheaper option may be your preference. But before you hand over your money and adorn a less than stellar piece of jewellery, you need to be aware of some of the dangers of purchasing from budget jewellery stores:


It may be obvious, but cheap jewellery stores cannot match the excellence of a high-end jeweller. Predominantly, and indeed most importantly, a cut-price retailer is unable to provide the quality and purity of materials, or careful, expert craftsmanship offered by a master jeweller. 

Chain jewellery stores focus on quantity over quality, meaning a lesser end product overall. To reduce costs, jewellery items are mass produced utilising easily accessible, lower grade alloys and gemstones. This means your jewellery will be poorer quality, less durable, and more prone to damage/breakage. Unless you are specifically seeking a short-term, limited-wear costume piece, this is something that should be first and foremost in your mind when shopping around jewellery stores.


When you purchase from bargain jewellery stores, or department stores offering costume jewellery, you can actually be risking your health. Nickel is often used to fill cheaper jewellery, which can cause quite harmful reactions to your skin. Despite claims to the contrary, even 14 or 18 carat gold plated jewellery can contain a nickel alloy. Nickel can produce undesirable symptoms such as contact dermatitis, an itchy skin rash that causes redness and inflammation in areas where the jewellery has touched your skin.

Cheap jewellery can also cause a chemical reaction that turns your skin green. Some metal alloys, especially those containing copper, can produce a green residue when mixed with your perspiration and skin oils. This is actually quite common with costume, and lower quality jewellery. This discolouration is unappealing, so it’s certainly something you want to avoid if at all possible


Finally, low-cost jewellery stores lack the required resources and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of jewellery services. From a dedicated consultation and design service to on-site repairs and specialist advice from a master jeweller, you will find a vast contrast in your experience with a high-end jeweller versus budget jewellery stores.

High-quality jewellery

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