Tips for Planning Your Wedding in Melbourne

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Are you planning a wedding in the Victorian capital this year or next? Here at Catanach’s Jewellers, we understand that your wedding day is magical and special. But it can also be a major source of frustration if you’re not prepared. That’s why we’ve put together a few handy tips for planning your wedding, covering everything from the wedding date to finding the perfect wedding ring in Melbourne.

Setting a date

The choice is all yours regarding the wedding date, however there are a few factors to consider.

  • Guests who need to travel
  • The climate
  • Best time of year for photos
  • Taking time off work

There’s a lot to think of, so try to pick a time of year that suits everyone. Remember Melbourne’s calendar is full of sporting and other cultural events, so it’s a good idea to avoid these times. Venue hire can be difficult, and it can be more expensive for travelling guests.

The climate

Melbourne has a pretty reliable climate, meaning it’s expectedly cold in Winter and beautiful and sunny in Summer. Spring is extremely unpredictable, while Autumn is cooling down but does have some terrific weather for photos.

Finding the perfect location

Location is also a very personal choice, with the obvious question being whether or not to get married in a religious venue. If you’re not religious, you’ve got a great chance to combine the ceremony and reception at the same venue. Melbourne is full of great venues both in the city and further away in other parts of Victoria.

Consider travel issues

Melbourne has a great public transport system, but spare a thought for guests when booking your venue. If you want your celebrations to be held out of town, ensure there is plenty of accommodation nearby. Failing that, it might be a nice gesture to organise chartered bus travel to and from the venue.

Shopping for a wedding ring in Melbourne

Most couples have a pretty good idea what they want their wedding rings to look like. But that doesn’t mean you can just go and pick one off the shelf of any jewellery store. More likely than not, you want a custom designed wedding ring. Many couples prefer to have matching wedding bands. But for those who like something a little different, an expert jeweller can match materials and style without having an identical design.

Sticking to your budget

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, remember your budget. Before you go excitedly booking venues, honeymoons and buying expensive clothing, think about how you’ll pay for it. Those with family helping out, make sure you’ve got a clear understanding of how much you can spend, otherwise you might be starting married life with an unnecessary debt!

Looking for the perfect wedding ring in Melbourne?

Here at Catanach’s Jewellers, we’ve been one of the best places to find a wedding ring in Melbourne for generations. We’ve got everything you need, including master jewellers on hand to discuss custom jewellery. Our reputation has been built on providing exceptional service and the highest quality wedding rings for decades. Don’t trust your special day to anybody else. Let the experts create a perfect ring that you’ll cherish forever. Contact Catanach’s Jewellers today.