Types of Engagement Rings in Australia

engagement rings australia

Engagement rings in Australia are so varied, because everybody has their own unique style. In fact, many people decide to have custom jewellery made for engagements and weddings, because they want the perfect piece. Let’s face it, choosing an engagement ring is a big step, and its something you want to get right. That’s where understanding your partner’s style preference is essential. To give them something they’ll truly love, it needs to match them perfectly.

Here’s a brief list of some popular types of engagement rings in Australia. The list is not exhaustive by any means, but it will give you some idea of what’s available.


The solitaire style of engagement ring is one of the most traditional and popular styles. Why is this ring called a ‘solitaire? Because in this style there’s only one solitary stone that takes centre stage. Usually a diamond ring, the solitaire features a simple band design and one stone in a claw or prong setting. It’s a classic style that so many people love, and it certainly suits those with a more simple and elegant taste.

Cluster engagement rings in Australia

Cluster style engagement rings are exactly what the name implies. A cluster ring is made up of several smaller stones, rather one or two larger ones. These smaller stones are presented to give the effect of being one bigger stone, which makes it a cost-effective option. Larger stones are more expensive, so cluster rings are popular for people with a smaller budget.

Wedding ring sets

Wedding ring sets are an innovative way to find the perfect engagement ring, and also the wedding ring. Essentially, the ring comes in two parts. One is the engagement ring, and the second is the wedding ring. So, rather than taking your engagement ring off once you’re married, you get to wear it forever because it joins perfectly to your wedding ring.

Bezel engagement rings

Bezel engagement rings are the perfect choice for someone who is terrified of breaking their ring. The diamond, or whichever stone you choose, isn’t housed in a claw or prong setting. Rather, it’s secured firmly with a metal border that keeps the ring safe. On the plus side, it requires less upkeep because you don’t need any parts of the ring tightened or checked. On the negative side though, the diamond may appear smaller because not all of it is on display. Still, that may be better than losing an expensive diamond altogether!

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