Types of Men’s Wedding Bands in Melbourne

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When getting ready for your big day, there are so many things to consider. Venues, guest lists, clothing, catering, and so much more. Getting the perfect wedding jewellery is one of the most important jobs you have in the lead-up to your wedding, so we’re here to make it a little bit easier. There are several types of men’s wedding bands in Melbourne, and much comes down to personal choice. Here are some of the popular metals you can choose from.


You can do a lot with gold, and many people love it because of its versatility. You can get men’s wedding bands in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. It’s important to remember that pure gold is very soft, so gold is mixed with other metal alloys for extra strength. You can tell the quality and strength of a wedding band by its karats. 24 karats is pure gold, 18 karats is around 75% pure, while 14 karat is 50%. Anything less isn’t really suitable for wedding bands.


Platinum wedding bands are a luxury choice, since it’s one of the most expensive metals. To get a pure platinum wedding band, it should be 95% platinum at least, and should be stamped to confirm its purity. Platinum holds its shine and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear, but if this is out of your budget range, white gold is a nice substitute.


Palladium rings have a nice white hue to them, which is quite similar to platinum. It is, however, a less expensive option. Many people choose palladium because it’s strong and durable but also looks great.

Tungsten men’s wedding bands in Melbourne

If you work with your hands a lot and want to keep your wedding band on, tungsten is a brilliant choice. It’s one of the strongest metals and is very resistant to scratches. Plus, it never tarnishes, so it’s about as low-maintenance as you can get.


Durable and lightweight, titanium wedding bands are also very versatile. It is silver-metallic in colour, but can also be found in black. It’s a great choice if you want to explore some unique design options.


Sterling silver is one of the most popular choices for wedding bands, partly because it’s the most affordable metal to work with. You can get a lot of different styles, particularly because silver is easy to work with. The only drawback is that silver requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in great condition. Silver can tarnish and scratch pretty easily, so it’s not as durable as others but it’s great for those on a budget.

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