What’s Important in Custom Wedding Rings?

custom wedding rings

Are you in the market for wedding rings? There’s plenty to think about, and it’s pretty common for couples to want custom wedding rings made. It’s a great way to have something that uniquely reflects your relationship. Also, you know that nobody will have the same ring. So, how do you know if you’re getting a great custom wedding ring or a poor one? We’re here to help!

Ring quality is paramount

When you want the best custom wedding rings, that means using the highest-quality metals. All metals aren’t created equal, and that’s especially true when it comes to ring production.

The sterling standard used for silver rings measures purity out of 1000. Anything under 25 is below the sterling standard. Gold, on the other hand is measured in karats. If you had a pure gold wedding band, it would be 24k, but this would be soft and easily damaged. Most wedding rings are around 18k, which is 75% gold. During ring production, gold is mixed with harder metals to improve durability.

Ensure custom wedding rings suit your lifestyle

No matter how good your custom wedding rings are, most metals degrade over time and require some cleaning or touch ups. Most people need to have their wedding rings polished or clean at some time in their life. But the damage can be minimised by choosing rings that truly suit your lifestyle.

If you’re active, take into consideration that sweat can have an effect on the metal in your ring over time. Also, scratches can occur easily if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors or working with your hands. So, if you’re fairly active person, stay away from bulky gemstones. Alternatively, you’ll just need to be comfortable removing your wedding ring when required.

Pick a style you really love

There’s a popular misconception that wedding rings have to be just a simple band. We’re not sure where this comes from, except that bands are quite popular. But remember, this is your wedding ring, not somebody else’s. So, the most important thing above all else is to choose a ring style you really love.

If you like the idea of simple bands, that’s fantastic. If you want the sleek style of a band but with an extra flair, you can have that too. Wedding bands can still have stones set into them, and it can still be understated yet beautiful. If you want the world to see your beautiful wedding ring every day, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you having a sparkling diamond, or even a combination of stunning stones.

Want the best custom wedding rings in Melbourne?

Here at Catanach’s Jewellers, we’re masters of our craft. That means we’re always creating beautiful custom wedding rings for happy couples. Come in and see us, contact us or even book a consultation for bespoke service. We’ll take your ideas and turn them into beautiful custom wedding rings you can cherish forever.