Where to Find Designer Jewellery in Melbourne

designer jewellery in melbourne

Do you have a taste for the luxurious? If so, when it comes to luxurious jewellery you don’t have to look any further than Catanach’s Jewellers. Earrings, engagement rings, custom wedding bands, necklaces and much more can be considered designer jewellery. However, it needs to have a certain style, flair, and of course, the best quality materials. So, if you want designer jewellery in Melbourne, where do you go?

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is designer jewellery?

Designer jewellery is usually attached to a particular design company or master jeweller. Often, these designs will adhere to similar themes and styles. In addition, you can expect to find high-quality materials used in designer jewellery.

Essentially, we’re talking about luxury jewellery. Not everybody will get to experience the joy of owning designer jewellery. But when you do, you know it’s something special. Not only does designer jewellery look amazing, but it can be an investment too.

Most people take great care in looking after their designer jewellery because they know its value. BY preserving these items, they can be passed down to future generations, even becoming family heirlooms.

Most stores only stock their own jewellery

Jewellery retailers are a lot different from specialist luxury jewellery stores. That’s because they usually don’t have a jeweller on-site. They just stock jewellery from other brands and designers. So, some jewellery retailers may have certain pieces of designer jewellery, but you’d be looking for a very high-end retailer.

Jewellery designers who have their own stores are unlikely to stock other brands. They want the world to see their creations, which is why they may only stock their own products. So, before you go hunting for designer jewellery, do some research to find out whether your favourite designer or brand has its own store.

Look for longevity in the industry

It’s true that most designer jewellery labels in Melbourne struggle to establish themselves in a crowded marketplace. If you want designer jewellery to hold its value, the designer needs to stay relevant. So, while newcomers to the industry may have some amazing products, they may be out of business in a few years and this affects the value of your jewellery.

As such, look for stores and designers that have been around for a long time. If they’ve already stood the test of time, chances are the value of your jewellery will too.

Want the best designer jewellery in Melbourne?

Catanach’s Jewellers has a proud 140-year history of producing luxury items for our customers in Melbourne and beyond. People trust the Catanach’s name because it is synonymous with creativity and high quality. Whether you want luxury items for your collection or you have special requests such as custom-designed engagement rings, we’re the store to contact.

With a master jeweller on-site and available for custom jewellery consultations, you can’t go wrong with Catanach’s. Our stunning pieces are designed to bring some luxury into your life. So, if you want something more than your average piece of jewellery, contact us today.